United States VS. Rest of World

This graph shows the profit for each country. The larger and more blue the circle indicates higher profits. As you can see from this graph, the United States profits are among the highest in the world.

Profit of 50 States

This graph shows the profit per state in the United States. The states with an orange shade are doing worse, and are often times losing money. The states with shades of blue are showing a positive profit. The darker the shade the higher the profit. For example, California is dark blue, therefore showing high profits. Whereas Texas, is showing darker orange, meaning more loss of profit.

California: Category Profits

This graph shows the individual category profits for the state of California. From the information, we learn that California is doing exceptionally well with office supplies and technology. Furniture is the area for improvement, however, overall Califronia is profitable in all categories.

California: Office Supplies Qty Forecast

This graph shows the past quantity sales of office supplies for the state of California as well as the forecast for the next year. As you can see, the forecast predicts an increase in sale quantity by November 2015.

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